Free Course: Identifying and Transforming Energies


Have you ever wondered about how you identify different energies and how you could even transform them? This is the kind of thing you learn in person working with a teacher, well, Bob from Sixty Skills felt this course was so fundamental that he decided to offer this course for free as an introduction to his curriculum and as an aid to ongoing students of Franz Bardons first book ‘ Initiation into Hermetics’.

About the Course

The Three Transformations: How to Convert Your Energies

The ancient Chinese sages spoke of jing, chi and shen. The Hermeticists of old spoke of vital, astral and mental energies. Both spoke of ways to convert one energy into another. And the Three Transformations were born!

Ever wonder how to do this exactly? Wonder no more. It turns out this is not some mysterious thing that exists only for the greatest of saints. All the details behind how to convert one of the basic natal energies into another, why you would want to perform the Three Transformation and the various issues involved are included in this SixtySkills course.

This course details how to go from more gross, or physical, energies to more subtle energies and back again. It also discusses how to use these energies and what the various transformations do for you. Issue of passive, versus active, development and where to place the various energies are also brought up.

While many consider these things to be a part of a long dead past, the reality is that none of this stuff ever left humanity. It has been here all along. That is not to say it is easy to do or something to be taken lightly.

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