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This site is dedicated to the work of Franz Bardon and his system of Magical Initiation. It is our aim to make this place an Archive for all material both old and especially new associated with his system of Initiation.


Do The Work

Focus on DOING THE WORK. Use the blog to help you overcome your challenges.


Journal - Acheive Goals

If you do the work the goals start to take care of themselves. Keep track with your journal.


Step 5 & Beyond

Once you reach Step 5 of IIH you now how to approach these exercises and know what is expected. Keep going.


Franz Bardon

Magical Community

If you have something to share that will assist your fellow students working through Franz Bardons system of Initiation then get in touch. We welcome you to do an interview with us that can help guide others walking the path.

Magical University

Through sites like SOFB providing free resources and Perseus Arcane Academy providing paid courses we can ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn and grow. Get in touch if you would like to share your knowledge.

A Fundamental Skill that makes IIH far more acheivable

Building the ball is a basic but far reaching skill. Being able to do this puts you into contact with energy and lets you know how to work with it. Once you can do it with Vital Force, you can do it with anything. Here in this video Bob from Sixty Skills introduces the skill. You can learn more from him over at Perseus Arcane Academy.


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Hermetic Fundamentals

A free course on Perseus Arcane Academy that can help you build a foundation. It represents some of what we post here on SOFB. It is not exciting by design and requires discipline to complete. 

Hermetic Fundamentals

This series of blog posts walks you through the basics of IIH (Initiation Into Hemetics). It tries to bring common sense to the table and help you mke consistent progress through the steps while remaining an active and productive member of society. 

Perseus Arcane Academy

Perseus Arcane Academy  provides paid courses on various types of Magic including but not exclusive to the magic taught by Franz Bardon in IIH, PME and KTQ.  These courses provide the student a teacher who can guide them through the steps and provide the nessecary help and insight when needed, each course has a community for students to support each other. 

Students of Franz Bardon

SOFB provides free information, resources and courses to those wanting to work exclusively with Franz Bardons material focusing primarily upon IIH, with some material provided for more advanced students working PME and KTQ. Though to be clear SOFB primary focus is to support those working IIH and to provide and online archive of all material associated with Franz Bardon both old and new.