Now more and more groups within the western traditions and also specifically IIH focused groups are being established all with their own unique expression of Franz Bardons system.  If you would like to get involved with a group or teacher the following are recomended.

Martin Faulks - Seshen School of Meditation

Ray Del Sole - SURA Academy

Mark Rasmus - IIH Private Training
Virgils Blog - Information, Guidance and support for Franz Bardon Students








Physical Training

Important Websites

In addition of course to our site we feel the following are important to stay in the loop of all things Franz Bardon. Falcon Books Publishing - Yes this is Tanya's company but it is a treasure trove of interviews, articles and of course books by modern day adepts. 

A Bardon Companion - The original is still up in various back up forms. PDF's, Mp3's and Rawn and Davids books all here. 

Czechhermetics - Run by Matthew and Astrid are leading the way in producing new versions of Franz Bardons books as well as introducing us all to the esoteric world still existing in Europe.

Recomended Books


Teachers & Groups

This is an area we will be creating content for as part of our Fundamentals Course. You can read more about my thoughts on the Physical aspect of our growth here. But bottom line is the physical should not be neglected. One sytem that ticks lots of boxes is that of Primal Stress by Scott Sonon

It takes much of what is is the internal arts and yoga traditons but put them together with intelligence and clear goals. It will push you to new levels of not only strength but also mobility and flexibility. Please check out the post here and the website here.


This is our Must Read - Mind, Body and Spirit book list. It is not only a really genuine expression of what we feel are amazing books. Some of these are well known and some very obscure, but they all at some point have been in our hands for hours a day as we studied and absorbed the text. 

This list is also one of the ways you can support us by purchasing through our links. We work on SOFB part time after our other responsibilities. So the more SOFB can reward us for our time the more time and respources we can dedicate to it.

We love the interviews as it is so exciting to be able to pick the brains of people further along than yourself. We also think that these interviews are hugely important for students in the future to be able to see answers to questions that come up repeatedly and to see the various different perspectives all these magicians have despite following the same curriculum of IIH. We hope you enjoy these and recomend that these are some of the first things you check out. 


Check out this one with Yogic Engineering to get started.

Start Here - Recomended Content

Welcome to Students of Franz Bardon. This page is intended to assist you in getting started quickly to see more of who we are and what we and this site are all about. We wanted to be really clear when starting this blog that it was more about presenting information, ideas and opportunities for the community than trying to offer lofty spiritual advice as we are students of the path just like you guys.


What we share here on the site are the same things that inpsire and motivate us to delve more deeply into IIH, PME and KTQ. We are lucky in that over the years we have visited, studied with and had many coffee shop inspired conversations with those who are called masters of various traditions. This has left its mark on us, more than anything it has underlined the need for self-responsibility and taking action in order to make positive changes in one's own life. What an empowering realisation. What follows is content, information and links that we feel are helpful to all who are walking a path of self-development.