We love the subject and have been involved in meditation and associated subjects all our lives. It makes sense to combine our interest and our research with a blog to share with others. 


Why are you asking for money?

We ask for indirect via affilaite products and direct financial support via subscribestar as we value our time and want to achieve more. We have plans for documentaries, more extensive research, video course on specialist subjects but it all takes time and money. 

The majority of the content on the site will remain freely available to all regrdless. 

Have you completed IIH?

As we are not teachers of Franz Bardons work nor soliciting for students this remains private. We are students of the path who will only ever officially teach what we have become authorised in to do so. Yoga, martial arts, bodywork, healing are what we have authorization in to teach and we will definately be bringing some of these skills to SOFB.

I submitted an article/interview. Where is it?

We appreciate all submissions of articles, blog posts and all those who answer our interview questions. But not all of these will be used, we reserve the right to take as long as we need OR to simply not use the content.  

This is not personal. We simply upon review of the content felt it was not a good fit for SOFB blog.


Why am I seeing content unrelated to Franz Bardon?

The way we see things is that IIH gives a look at the foundation of all things. It teaches about Quality and Quantity. The world is full of practices and methods that we can use to increase our Qualities and Quantities. Hence we cover meditation, mindfulness, yoga, martial arts, healing and qigong etc as these are all tools we can use in our practice. If a blog does not seem relavent that is okay just move on to the next or contact us and tell us what you would like to see.


Why are you doing this?