SOFB February Update: Interviews, Courses Coming Soon

    Hello everyone, Simon here. 

    Wanted to put out a quick update as to what is upcoming on SOFB and some other projects you might be interested in.


    Firstly we have some epic interviews coming very soon, we are expecting  Part 2 of Bob's interview hopefully in March. This was very generous as many people had multiple questions. So I beleive in Part 2 Bob will be answering over thrity questions in total. So thank you Bob, much apreciated. 

    We also have a new interview with Helmar Rudolph. Well known for making popular Charles Haanels 'Master Key'. This interview instead of focusing on the Master Key system it now focuses on developments in the way Helmar is teaching people. How he has now incorporated a far more 'Hermetic' curriculum into the courses and how he has taken the quality of these courses to a new level. From what I have seen it is very impressive, this will be a great interview for those looking to build success in the real world alongide their practices. 

    In addition to these two we have several other interviews being compiled now ready to come out in the spring and summer.  I hope these interviews continue to inspire everyone to get on with practice and feel like if they can do it then so can you. 

    New Projects

    I wanted to give you all notice on something I am putting together. It is outside the scope of strictly Franz Bardon material hence I will not be mentioning it too much here. Basically as I have practiced IIH, Martial Arts etc I have developed some of my own methods, methods I feel are fundamental to practice. These things I beleive to a certain degree become self evident after enough practice but life is short and having some things pointed out early on can help save years of frustrated practice. 

    So I am in the process of compiling this all into courses. The first Free course will be ready soon and I want to guage interest. 

    Here are some of the subjects to be covered:

    Mind Body Fundamentals Courses

    • Concentration and Awareness from a Hermetic, Martial and Yogic perspective
    • Posture - the details and why they are important
    • Will Power and Nerve Force - How and why to train it.
    • Mental and Physical Stilness
    • Fascial Training and its relation to IIH
    • Fascial Training and its relation to internal connection in Martial Arts and Yoga
    • Indonesian Silat body development methods
    • Much much more to come. 

    If any of this is of interest to you then sign up below to the mailing list, in a few weeks you will recive updates on the courses and how to sign up.



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