Sifu Mark Rasmus: QnA for Students of Franz Bardon FB Group

    Recently I was speaking with Sifu Mark Rasmus and asked if he would be willing to do a question and answer session in order to cover some of the questions the group has in regard to practice. He very generously agreed and said send the questions over and he will get a video done for us. I was expecting this to take at least a few weeks due to the amount of and length of questions we had. Well only a day later I recieved notice the video was up and ready.

    The video is posted below, the first video. But I also wanted to post some associated videos that link to some of the topics.

    I hope you enjoy this QnA, please leave a comment below and let Sifu Mark know what you think or if you have any other questions regarding the answers. (You can also comment in the FB group).

    The cover photo is of me (on the right) and Sifu Mark.  I included this as I wanted to show I am a big supporter of Sifu Mark as I have actually met and trained with him multiple times where he has been very generous in what he has shared and in looking after me in Thailand.  He really does just want you to improve hence he shares so much.

    To Train with him visit his site here. Or his Vimeo channel here.

    Below we have older videos from Sifu Marks you tube channel that I think are well worth watching as they link to some of the topics covered above.








    Jake says (Dec 14, 2019):

    Excellent interview!


    Simon says (Dec 14, 2019):

    Thank you Jake for making a comment and providing feedback. It really helps in knowing what people are finding useful. Cheers. Simon

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