Self Mastery with Sixty Skills: What can you expect to achieve?

    Recently Bob has been like a machine producing lots of great info for the community. His courses in my opinion help accelerate your training by really helping you to see the process as something that can be measured and logically structured. These are my words by the way not Bobs.  But as there have been more and more questions about these courses and what they offer an indivual I thought it best to contact Bob for some clarity on what a motivated indivual can achieve with his udemy courses and / or his awesome globe trotting app.

    SOFB:  I want to start by asking you what will students gain from the app? You mention 18 months training for the app. Is it stating in 18 months you go from here to here? or in 18 months you will have the ability to do x?

    • The app contains all the basic skills, plus body training, from IIH that are necessary to develop their clair skills, establish equilibrium and generate both Akasha and Non-dual Light.

    • They will have basic abilities in all these things within 18 months.

    • At this point, someone is esoterically an adult and can function on their own safely. They can complete the second, and third, books as well. The elements are taught as Kabbalah in the app. Obviously having friends makes this easier.

    • Some things they will be better at than others. It is just how it goes. Some will have 4k clairvoyance, others will see through a crystal window darkly. Some will have strong enough astral energy to put people to sleep and others will be big into mental wandering. It is a lot like athletics. Everyone has their genetic predilection. But everyone can run, squat and jump to some degree.

    • Let me be clear, this eighteen month window applies to someone who has no background at all.

    • I’ve had more developed students engage Non-dual Light just from aggressively working the electric/magnetic lines of force in a matter of weeks. But they had years of serious practice behind them. Two additional students engaged Akasha in a few weeks. They just needed a little push.

    • Some things are not included in the app as they either don’t need my elaboration or didn’t film well. Making the clair fluids, the pendulum exercise and astral travel most notably.

    • At the end of eighteen months, assuming you’ve put in 3-4 hours a day, you would have basic skills in everything you need. This would be clair skills, mental wandering, the mother letters of Kabbalah and have access to your own Akasha and Non-dual Light. Of course, this assumes you are in shape, do the body training work aggressively, have no major health problems or substance abuse issues, etc.

    • Most people have what could be described as an enlightenment type experience during this time as well. But I’m not getting into an argument into what the hell that means here…

    What is difference between app and udemy? Which should students choose and why?

    • Both the app, and Udemy, function as mental level initiations into the system. And were designed to democratize the element of access to these teachings. Not everyone in the world can travel to meet proper teachers let alone have the resources necessary.

    • The app was designed to be the primary tool as it is portable and low cost at $5 USD/month. The Udemy work was setup as long form explanations to be purchased a la carte for material students had a hard time with and wanted a little more help understanding.

    • By accident, I found some students simply preferred the long form explanations. So, I released that separately.

    • Obviously, if you don’t have an Apple product, you’ll need to use the Udemy courses in the meantime.

    • We’re working on the Android app, but it may be a while due to some practical issues outside the business (i.e. life). I’m still hoping for a January release, but we will see.

    • Additionally, the Udemy channel contains many things not in the app as they were not needed for completion of the basic program. Once you can channel and work Kabbalah, you really don’t need SixtySkills for anything.

    • Finally, the app was created as a way of preserving these teachings in perpetuity. The reality is the body I currently inhabit has a lot of miles on it. I’d like to still be here twenty years from now in the kind of condition necessary to pass this material on, but there are no guarantees after fifty years of age. Plus given my path in life, meeting with me on a regular basis, outside narrowly tailored seminars, is not practical. Additionally, I do not know how much longer I will have the ability to transmit strongly in the physical in any event. If this material is to survive, the traditional paradigm of in-person master to student transmission must be broken. Promethean fire!

    I hope that was helpful for everyone and that Bobs courses can help you acheive your goals.  Remeber he also has his book available here and you can see his Udemy courses here.


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