Ray del Sole - An in-depth Interview with questions from the Students of Franz Bardon community


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    SOFB: Please introduce yourself and tell us what the latest news is with SURA, your books and any other projects you have planned that you want to make public.

    Ray: My name is Ray del Sole. I have been in the Franz Bardon training for 27 years now. I work as a naturopath of psychotherapy and as a spiritual healer and coach for around 7 years. Most people know me from reading my books about the spiritual path. I have published more than 40 books, partially translated into 12 languages. In 2021 my latest book about spiritual Self-Help will come. It offers a deeper understanding about all the problems and challenges we face in this world and how we can help ourselves to manage them for more health, happiness and success in life. In cooperation with the Templar Research Institute I have been offering online courses and public presentations since 2020. My Sura Academy for spiritual development on the basis of Bardon´s teachings has offered many interesting experiences and I am very happy that some students have made extraordinary progress. This is a wonderful gift for me which confirms my work. All these years of cooperating with various students, seeing their problems on the path, made me realize that the books of Bardon are ideal conceptions about the possible training and development, but not taking care of the needs of the student. So, unfortunately a lot start but most give up and only a very few make real progress. The point here is that progress is possible for most serious students and this is often easier than most imagine. The problem is just that the studies and training need to be redesigned, putting the needs of the student into the focus and not the ideal version of perfect mastery. Depending on the Divine Grace I will work out a training which allows progress on the path of mastery for all genuine seekers. It will take a lot of time and effort but at the same time it will be a great key for mastery in life and on the path. In cooperation with the Templar Research Institute, I also want to launch spiritual-social projects in service of mankind. We are here to prepare the golden age.

    SOFB: Can you share any insight on the significance of the Depth Point and how accomplishing it may impact a student?

    Ray: The depth point or Akasha point belongs to the techniques which work with Akasha or the Akasha principle. Working in this way means to work in a divine way with superior easiness, highest efficiency and great power / influence. All what is connected to Akasha is beyond the boundaries and limitations of creation and with this superior in application. This means that all advanced students and masters enjoy using the Akasha principle and the Akasha point for their operations. The depth point is the position of God. When you enter this point, then you get into full control of the object or subject. You can charge easily, program, influence, etc.

    SOFB Community: Have you gotten to the point of physical manifestation of the elements? If so, how long did it take and what modifications to the training in IIH did you have to make?

    Ray: The elements are used in main on the astral plane, partially on the mental plane and for the physical plane the usability is questionable. Why? Because we use the four elements for magical operations and especially for the own “performance tuning” mentally and astrally. You can use the fire element to grow your personal power to maximum degrees. Or you can use it for shielding your microcosm. Or you use the elements to create elementars, astral beings which serve you. This must be understood basically. The second aspect is that it is only a question of time and diligent training to make the elements so dense that they show effects on the material plane. This means that you do not need to be superior, talented or blessed in anyway to achieve physical effects. It just takes training. There are three hints how you can improve your results in the training. First hint: While you are sitting in the center of the element energy, you should take time to meditate about the qualities of the element. Concentration and meditation over a longer period of time has densifying effects on any kind of energy. So, the longer and the more intensive you meditate about the heat of the fire, the stronger and denser the heat becomes. And the more you accumulate the denser and stronger the fire element becomes in your body. Second hint: The longer you keep an element of energy in your body, the more physical become the effects, - heat, cold, heaviness, lightness. The body processes all energies by time and this means they unfold denser effects. Third hint: You can add to your exercise the accumulation of the element in a glass of water. For example, you accumulate the fire element in this glass of water. Then you impregnate it with your will to activate and strengthen the fire element in yourself on all planes, - will power, personal power and the nearly physical heat energy. Then you drink it. Again, your body will process these energies. 

    I personally have done extreme training with the four elements, keeping them inside accumulated over night to get maximum results. Extreme training is extreme and it is unpleasant as you have to deal with the effects (fever, sleepless nights, ice cold, breathing difficulties). Only the air element is very nice. Here the only challenge is to activate your will to release it again. You feel so high, without any feeling of your physical body that it can be hard to let go. 

    In the higher steps, you connect rituals to the work with the elements and later you express your divine authority over all elements and energies. And even later, you integrate highest divine will power. This has all effects on your work with the elements. In the end, when you take a look at the whole training, all the mysteries and powers, then other goals become much more interesting.

    SOFB Community: Can you give me some advice on how to write a journal? 

    Ray: I recommend using not only one journal but at least two. One journal is to document your training with the exercises and your performance. This documentation helps you to keep control over your development. A second journal is useful to note down important insights and instructions or techniques. This is very useful to look up things. You could take a third journal to write down special experiences, mystical events, etc. 

    In general it is important to ask yourself how you can improve your own studies and training, - on the basis of Bardon´s teachings – with own insights. You are in charge. You must manage your studies and training in the best possible way for the maximum of success. Bardon just offered an overview, the ideal concept. And we are called to put it into practice under real life conditions.

    SOFB Community: Can you recommend books related to letter mysticism, except Franz Bardon's Key to the True Quabbalah?

    Ray: Basically, it is important to understand that Bardon has revealed the so-called “magical Quabbalah” which is something different than the normal, quabbalistic teachings. The magical Quabbalah is traditionally forbidden because it transforms the student into a divine being. Who dares to become divine if your idea of God is filled with fears and tabus? For this reason, we have only the book of Bardon available which is absolutely sufficient for the training. I have published a workbook with the right colors and overviews. It can ease the training. The only thing you should regard is that the translations of Bardon´s book are filled with errors. And if you take the wrong color or other wrong qualities in the practical training then you get wrong results. So it is useful to check and compare the original German book with the English translation respectively to check my workbook for safe guidance. Besides all, the real quabbalistic training deals completely with the macrocosmic, divine powers, qualities, skills and states of consciousness. It is not in anyway human or humanlike.  

    SOFB Community: How can we sublimate the sadness and pain we face in life in an alchemy way? If that's possible, will the pain and suffering we experience in our daily lives be a shadow of our joy and a driving force to overcome the difficult times when we accept them as one?

    Ray: Life consists of good and bad experiences. Our task is to learn to deal with these experiences in a useful, wise way. All experiences offer a message and a lesson to learn. When we are able to stay centered in ourselves, then we can accept and manage all our experiences. Otherwise, we can easily get into a state of imbalance where we lose control and self-determination. All experiences offer energy. The good experiences are directly supportive, vitalizing, motivating, strengthening, etc. The bad experiences are the opposite. They have blocking, destructive effects. In the sense of alchemy, we can use the energy of the negative experiences and transform them into positive energy. This is a matter of meditation and the use of universal energies. Here the dark, dense energies need to be activated, vitalized, raised in vibration and then transformed into the desired energy. The advantage of alchemistic transformation is that you make use of the powers within you. Bardon pointed at this possibility. For example, you can turn anger into positive fire, into a positive drive for success in life and on the path. Besides this approach, negative thoughts and emotions can be released in a process of healing old traumas. In general, we are all asked to purify ourselves. Purification offers high degrees of vitality, the vital stream of energies in the human system and with this increasing of personal power and a healthy work with universal energies. Besides all these ideas, - pain, suffering, sadness can unfold a great drive to make progress and to cause necessary changes in your life. If all is just good, there is no motivation to change anything, no drive for personal development. Life is offering a lot of messages and lessons. We are here to listen and to learn. Challenges offer opportunities to grow and to make precious experiences. Without challenges, problems and difficulties life would be too boring.

    SOFB Community: In your opinion, how to deal with psychological problems, like anxiety and panic attack during meditation and the first steps of Bardon's training? (Besides taking medicine and do therapy). 

    Ray: The main question is why there occur anxiety and panic attacks during the training. Both have a message, and both ask for changes, for healing. The best thing to do is to consult a spiritual healer with psychological background. He can help to dissolve the causes and to heal the trauma. Normal medicine and therapy can be very inefficient, respectively suppress only the symptoms. Real healing is necessary.

    SOFB Community: In your books you teach some healing techniques, what's the best in these cases? 

    Ray: Hypnotherapy and spiritual healing are very useful in general. You can also work on problems by yourself in meditation or with energies you program to dissolve the negative energies of mind and soul, healing the wounds or traumas. There are many ways as usual. The question is if you want to do it on your own or if you want to consult a professional. And if you want to treat yourself the question is how skilled you are in working with universal energies or doing meditation. 

    SOFB Community: In your books you recommend floral and homeopathy. How do they work in a "Bardon" point of view?

    Ray: Homeopathy works with very specific energies which can influence and balance mind, soul and body. The use of herbs has a focus on offering fluid condensers with the corresponding energies to purify, heal and vitalize. Bach flowers are similar to homeopathy but have more a focus on positive ideas and energies. It is more the “nice” way of comforting soul and mind.

    SOFB Community: In others "mystical paths" the "egregore" seems to be more present in the earlier stages of a member, they provide some "spiritual support". Does Bardon's system have something like that? If not, how can we get some "spiritual support" if we need it? The relationship with the spirits in the second book can/should be established before step Vlll?

    Ray: Yes, unfortunately there is no egregore and there is no direct support by a tradition or school. In a tradition there are masters in the mental realms, in the astral realms and in the material world who build a kind of “spiritual energy supply” from the highest down to the lowest world. This is connected to corresponding energy atmospheres which can be also called egregores. In these energy fields the masters and their students work and get all the necessary energy supply for success and growth. 

    Now, as this all is missing, we can use the support from other traditions or from the own religious background. Or we can call on the spiritual realms, deities, God for support, inspiration, guidance, spiritual energy supply, protection, etc. 

    Normally, you go to a church or temple on a regular basis to recharge yourself. You can do this or you look for a different way, for example by creating your own holy space for prayers and for receiving spiritual support.

     In general, you can pray to all positive deities, the spirits of the spheres and ask for their kind support, inspiration, guidance, help, also for healing and enlightenment. They will be supportive corresponding to your maturity and attitude. Selfishness, bad intentions and ungratefulness are not recommended.


    SOFB Community: View on working through IIH in order and (2) view of spirits in PME (real or coded ciphers [Stejnar] or blinds? whether or not Bardon did actually intend for us to contact them? positive or negative? when and how can we start to work with them: only after Step 8 or before?), and why.

    Ray: It is your free choice if you want to follow Stejnar or Bardon or someone else. I have no problems with the names of the deities in PME. They are the quabbalistic names of the deities which means that the names are quabbalistic formulas. A quabbalistic formula represents the nature of a deity. So, if you are a Quabbalist you can check the names if they are true or not. Besides the quabbalistic dimension, all deities have various names depending on culture and time. 

     If you want to work with deities, then you should think about how you want to do it and for which purpose. These spirits of the spheres are all gods and goddesses with total divine nature, often with great divine power and authority. A human being is nearly nothing in comparison to them. It is like when an ant starts talking to an elephant. These deities know everything about you, your personality, your past and your future. You cannot hide or pretend something. So, it makes much sense to think about how you want to appear and what you want to ask for. The positive deities are kind and supportive in general. So, if you are kind with a positive attitude, your prayers might be heard.

    SOFB Community: What are your views on veganism?

    Ray: When you eat vegan, then you need to check that you get all vital substances in the necessary amount. This can be a challenge. Another point is the psychological aspect. If you have been used to normal food and you change to veganism, then it can bring negative feelings. It can feel like a “punishment” as you neglect consciously what you felt as good and satisfying before. This is the main point why companies offer vegan food which looks like normal food. Otherwise, you could eat salads and normal vegetarian dishes like they are known from Indian kitchen, etc.

    However, it is your decision. You can accomplish the highest peaks on the path independent from the diet you have chosen. It is more about maintaining your health and performance.

    SOFB Community: How do you relate alchemy to IIH (etc)

    Ray: Alchemy is not in the center of considerations or teachings in IIH but nevertheless all students undergo the necessary alchemistic processes during the training. It is similar with other ideas like Kundalini awakening, enlightenment, self-realization. You will go through all these things without big discussions or specific approaches. Besides this, today all different paths of development and training are available. It is just an individual choice. 

    SOFB Community: Here are several from the same member.
    1) How to go about the process of imbuing condensed quantities (ex: vital force, elements, fluids, letters, akasha etc), with abstract, vague, and not so clear and familiar: ideations/intentions/purposes/qualities? (various different examples: fixing the time, the plane, and the end result, of the operation of the sent quantity. High cognition, good memory, fertility, feeling of purification, perfect health, lucky, growing abundance, prosperity , etc)

    Ray: It makes sense to supply energy for each goal separately. You could use something like a talisman, - one for each goal, and then accumulate vital energy or the fitting higher energies in it. Then you can do the programming. Or if you want to accumulate the energies in yourself then you do a meditation only on one goal per session. First of all, you should make a list with your goals, then you work through the list by making up your mind what you exactly wish for (per goal). You put your thoughts into a simple sentence. Then you can add universal phrases for the timing, the stabilization, recharging, effects, etc. If you work with talismans, then you should recharge your talisman on a regular basis and it makes also sense to meditate again about its efficiency. If you work directly on yourself, then you can repeat the accumulations and the meditations until you have totally integrated the desired quality, power, skill or change. Here it is important to keep the meditation for around half an hour and afterwards to exhale the extra energies. The programmed energies simply need time to work in you, on your mind and soul. Besides all these aspects, just trust into the underlying intelligence of creation and your microcosm. The ideas get planted and then will grow and unfold.   

    2) What are the best magical ways to learn Physical skills and Physical Arts (ex: martial, painting, dance) by high & knowledgeable spirits of the zones knowing/teaching those arts, when the task performed is asking a lot of our bodies’ capacity? Some say Mediumship, or Incorporation, but might be the most physically draining of them all? And if that's true, how to offset such issues?

    Ray: As soon as you get in touch with a specific field of interest, you get under the influence of the corresponding deity or spirit of the spheres. Now, you can get into your meditative state and call on the deity, asking for inspiration, guidance and help in unfolding the corresponding skills, powers and qualities. Just stay in your meditation, with an open, grateful attitude to receive the blessings and energies of the deity for around half an hour. The more often you do this, the more blessings and empowerment you can receive and with this you make faster progress in your field of interest. Even if you do not know the name of the fitting deity/spirit, you can simply call on the deity in a general way “deity of arts, I call on you…”. Mediumship is not necessary, just a good connection. 

    3) There are innumerable things that spirits as expert teachers of the spheres can teach, that the magician himself would need to sort of 'reinvent the wheel' and waste decades to figure them out by himself. But to some skilled practitioners (in evocation and qbl), there seems to be a tendency of various positive entities to lie, mislead, or basically say: “why are you here, you already know how to do this", or only give truths to them that work in their plane of existence but not here on ours, which has led them by experience to believe nothing the various entities say until thoroughly vetted via terrestrial sources. Other skilled practitioners have never had a positive geni lie to them. Every time they have asked for information on techniques, or information they don’t have access to, the genii have been entirely accurate and not just in their plane of existence. Others have pointed that maybe the practitioner's intention, purpose of calling them, astral B&W mirrors/equilibrium maybe small white lies here and there in their daily lives, dealings in false shades of grey or self-justification, or an overall sense of irreverence towards spirits build by high achievements in the spheres and qbl, might (or not) have some-thing to do with the spirits non-clear cooperation.

    Q: What is really happening, and how can those skilled practitioners that are misled/lied to, mend the cooperation with the entities of the spheres (Earth, Moon, Mercury, and on) so that they are always helpful with practical instructions functioning in our physical world as well?

    Ray: Basically, it is the question if you meet the deities or if you meet some kind of being which cheats and pretends to be the deity. It is quite easy to meet lower, astral beings which are cheating you. The real deities are in the planetary spheres very high above and far away from the human world. They are of divine nature in divine place with divine atmosphere. And if you make it up to them, then it is a matter of your maturity and purity, and of your intentions if you get permission to meet them and if you get the answers you look for. Besides these aspects, the deities have their holistic vision and understanding and from this frame they choose how they answer you. They also must acknowledge your divine authority. If this is not given, then you have a problem respectively you are not respected. And the next point is that you must know exactly what you ask for. If you put the wrong question you cannot expect the deity to consider that you originally wanted to put a different question. Meeting deities is always a matter of being acknowledged as a divine authority, being initiated into the field of activity of the deity, receiving blessings and getting answers to your questions. These are gods and goddesses beyond human nature. They need a respectful, grateful and kind treatment. Besides this, it is also possible that the time for specific answers or desired solutions is not right respectively that the karma / fate frame does not allow an intervention by a deity. 

    In conclusion, there are some aspects which can be checked if it is all fine or if there is something wrong. Own expectations do not necessarily be fulfilled. If cheating or lying is obvious then it was not the real deity or imagination played a role. The real deities in the spheres are honest.  

    4) What to do or is needed as far as magical skills, or any other things, for the magicians who are University students in various STEM fields, and whose purpose is to upgrade those fields with new inventions that will uplift the suffering human race in order to have a much better health and quality of life on Earth, but without the act of unintentionally making a pact with the relevant positive beings of the spheres(Earth, Moon, Mercury, etc) that teach or inspire by various means such subjects? And if a formal pact, or subtle promise is unavoidable, how much and how far, does it affect the magician, can he be freed from it and how, always without the magician breaking any 'promises' on his art of the deal?

    Ray: There is absolutely no need for any contracts or deals with real deities, the spirits of the spheres. You can get a lot from them without any ideas of balancing, paying back or making contracts. You are a representative of the Highest, a true Divine Authority, a true Servant of God, mankind and creation and for this reason it is natural that you get full support by the deities and all kinds of other beings in creation. The only limitation is in the degree of progress you are allowed to offer to humanity. For example, if you are a scientist then you might receive initiation into future technologies, but you are not allowed to implement them as the time is not right. 

    In general, if any kind of being or “deity” is asking for deals and contracts then you can be sure that it is a cheater of lower realms or a negative spirit. Contracts are always bad, unhealthy and beneath the dignity of a real master. It is already an impudence for any being to ask a real master for a contract. Indeed, it says that the being does not respect you and this means a lack of authority. Breaking contracts does not work. The Lords of Karma are in charge and punishment will come. 

    5) [I ran into this quote today: "A decade ago, Edward O. Wilson, the Harvard professor and renowned father of Sociobiology, was asked whether humans would be able to solve the crises that would confront them over the next 100 years. “Yes, if we are honest and smart,” he replied. “The real problem of humanity is the following: We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology." Technology’s godlike powers have increased dramatically, while the ancient, Paleolithic impulses of our brains have remained the same"]

    To me, the above translate as, lack of: Mental Telepathy: mind to mind connection, direct communication/understanding. Astral Empathy: heart to heart connection. The governing behind the scenes "powers that be" that direct, control and influence the social/economic/ideological/religious egregores. The catastrophic dangers and abuse of the union of technology and magic, like maybe in former earthly, and non-earthly civilizations. Ignorance of the spiritual worlds, and especially misunderstanding of the Karma and its consequences, are not just scary fabrications.

    Ray: I agree with Edward Wilson. It is the dark age. After the dark age better times will come and a golden age can be expected. These are the great cycles of nature, of the night and day of mankind. 

    Q) So, which knowledges, arts, resources, skills, siddhis, etc, might be needed, especially by magicians operating under the path of service, good to have for the (upcoming world so far of as it seems: robotic, A.I, VR, Big-Data, high-Tech, transhumanistic, bio-digitally controlled smart city life-caged human-batteries) future that seems the globalist powers that be, have pre planned quite some time ago with our continuing manufactured consent? I mean, what is the point of self-realization if our Physical world is destroyed or falls into a dystopia, right!? (not a loaded question, as all the above have been already suggested and pushed, in the open, shamelessly)

    Ray: The point here is simply that life itself will always win and with this, the destructive, dark forces must fall. These are the wars of the Asuras, the kings of the material world, against the Suras, the Forces of Light. In the end, the Asuras are always defeated. Mankind or creation or this planet cannot die. Like all evil political movements with their dictators have fallen, they will do it in the future. It is an eternal principle that the Light is born from Darkness. But certainly, the earlier we understand what is going on and the earlier we become masters, the better it is.

    6) Notes-keeping and your preferred, suitable, and even any issues, as far as Memory techniques for, archiving, structuring, categorizing: our vast experiences, associations, analogies, etc. Some build: astral temples, rituals, theatre plays, memory palace, mind-maps, what works best for you, since you have already written dozens of books, and articles?

    Ray: I keep everything very simple. My approach is to understand how things work and then I do not need to check any notes or books, etc. but things just flow into my mind. We can say that I have a good connection to Akasha, and so ideas or information are well accessible for me. Besides this, memory techniques are certainly useful to train imagination, etc.

    7) How to respond, or protect oneself, from a "black magician" who abuses akasha against you, so as to provoke your reaction and his forthcoming end, as the only thing hoping it will free him from his pacts with neg/demonic beings. (it's extremely rare, but still)

    Ray: Black magicians often use astral beings to accomplish their goals. Black magicians and Akasha, the divine element of harmony are two poles which cannot fit together. Akasha would give salvation to the black magician, so that he would turn into a white magician. Akasha purifies, heals and balances everything in a merciless way. Darkness cannot survive in it. Normally it is enough to ignore a black magician. This means to not fight back. For protection, you could create a shield or a lightning conductor which conducts the energy attacks into the ground. You could also pray to the Lords of Karma for instant punishment for his evil deeds respectively you ask for justice.

    8) When long-term working, accumulating, condensing all kinds of energies (from vital to more macro-cosmic) in/through the body, or dynamic pore-breathing exercises (in bones, etc.) tend to leave one feeling tensed up, or wired, even when pore-breathing all energies out, maybe because of the cosmic nature of many energies, to get acclimated to. Any suggestions of any kind of practices, to fully dissolve all sorts of leftover tensions and opening up the body, tendons, ligaments, so as to be opened and strong conduits, but to end up feeling energized, instead of wired, like with the dynamic & aggressive breathing?

    Also, any suggestions of Physical practices and training for enhancing the practices of IIH & KTQ?

    Ray: Every time you accumulate any kind of universal energy in you and release it, you have caused changes in your energy system. You simply cannot feel the same like before the exercise. The main problem is that the training room can become charged easily without noticing it directly. So, this means when you feel overcharged, then it is probably the case that your room is overcharged which has strong effects on you. When you let your room exhale, releasing the extra energies, you probably feel instantly better or “normal”. So, this would be the first thing which I do if I feel permanently overcharged. Besides this, “jumping into a cool swimming pool” brings direct relief as the extra energies are transferred into the water. If you have no swimming pool available, then you can put your feet into a tank with cool water and let the extra energies flow into it by will/imagination. And besides this, you can and should balance the energies in you with their opposite force to maintain balance and wellbeing. The earth element for grounding, strengthening and stabilizing is very nice and useful. We suffer in main from the electric-fiery energies. I would try first the earth element for balancing, then normal vital energy and then carefully water element or the magnetic fluid as here it could be that the fiery energies get fresh food. In general we need to strengthen the energy body with the earth element, the electromagnetic fluid to be able to bear the higher energies. Physical training helps to balance the energies as well.

    9) How to approach teaching, or gradually initiating one's relatives (siblings, parents) without revealing them your practices and your actual spiritual beliefs. The things that come to mind atm, are maybe loading their room at night with some energies that may help their exteriorization of their mental, maybe astral body as well, when sleeping, so to at least as a start to believe that there is an after-life after all. Are there any practices or other things, to do for them so they get various initiations in their sleep, and upon waking up, it would be much easier to reveal oneself, eventually, but what do you suggest though?

    Ray: Even if you have the best intentions, it is going against the free will and the individual development of your family members when you try to initiate them or raise their vibration. We can only offer knowledge or practical experiences as far as others are willing to receive. Besides this, we can pray for them in general and especially for healing, good health, divine inspiration, etc. 

    Initiation must be a free decision. You can pick them up individually, offering them something what they understand, food for thoughts, but not much more. I know that this is disappointing but you cannot force people. Maybe watch nice movies or documentaries about spiritual topics and things like life after death, near-death-experiences and various psi-phenomena. It is easy and you can discuss things afterwards. Or go with them to special, spiritual places where they can feel the spiritual power and atmosphere. Guiding them gently to new experiences can be useful. 

    10) Nibbana: Do any spirits of any of the spheres teach such subjects, or can briefly give a small taste of such an experience, since it must have come to their attention that many incarnated people from physical planet Earth attaining Nibbana (complete liberation from the cycle of reincarnation), and if yes, is it possible that such spirits knows and give a taste about it?

    Ray: Nibbana or Moksha or however you want to call it is not that special. It is a state of enlightenment, of conscious freedom to do what you feel is right and in main it is about feeling no desires to incarnate again. There is nothing left for you to do or to experience in the material world, no bonds, no karma to balance, no interests, just freedom, peace, happiness, the state of perfection, completeness. So, you are free to do whatever you want respectively to follow the call for spiritual missions or to go and stay in the highest realms as an enlightened, self-realized being. Practically speaking, most return to teach or to fulfill other missions here on earth or in higher realms. 

     It is just the normal path of purification, training, refinement and accomplishment. There is no special initiation needed. You can find deities in the mercury sphere and in the sun sphere which are in charge of enlightenment. I have met the main deity in the sun sphere which offers all enlightenments in all various traditions on earth. Enlightenment is enlightenment, all in control of one main deity and initiator. 

    11) Can one be taught by spirits, or other ways, to sense any signs, "disturbances in the force", negative or demonic entities gathering, sulphur or burnt flesh psychic smells, which-ever else, in the close environment that could mean a negative, destructive incident is going to happen soon somewhere there nearby, maybe of a terrorist or any other deadly attack. What to do besides leaving that place, environment asap, how can one react, protect, manage such situations, while leaving?

    Ray: It is in general useful to get out of the resonance with such events by undergoing purification, healing and refinement. Further on, you can regularly pray for divine inspiration, guidance and protection. Then you will receive warnings. You can also create elementals which can warn you. Besides all, your intuition will let you feel that something is wrong and then you can escape. Warnings can come in many ways. Those who have eyes to see and ears to listen…..

    12) Because of mistake, re-scheduling, not knowing better, which-ever, How to cancel or neutralize an electro-magnetic volt, or other quantities, that we magically sent in akasha, with a specific purpose ? (just an example: getting news or reappearance of a lost acquaintance -> cancel that)

    Ray: You can create a corresponding volt or energy or elemental to cancel the first volt/energy if necessary. 

    13) Bardon only mentions 24 Original beings of the EZ, And some appear to be an embodiment of their version of the whole earth zone. What is the role of the Originals, in comparison to the rest of the zodiac signs, and are there other Constellations beings and degrees, besides the usual 12 ones, and if yes, are their effects on us and the planes we are connected the same like the 12 ones?

    Ray: In general, it is useful to differentiate between normal astrology and Bardon´s teachings. You can contact the deity which teaches astrology to get answers or to receive a high-quality initiation into astrology. In PME Bardon talks only about the most important spirits, so there are a lot more, great hierarchies of deities, astral beings, spirits of nature, etc.

    14) How to cultivate: unshakable Conviction, and Faith, in our minds correctly, and that to reflect back onto the results?

    Ray: It starts on a human level but really effective it becomes only when you have increased your level of personal power, of will, of authority and of belief. A master is a power plant with the divine levels of will, authority, faith, etc. However, already on the human level it makes a lot of sense to believe in yourself and to build up a strong will. If you question and doubt yourself, how should anything work out? Self-confidence and strength are the keys for success, for the successful realization of your wishes.

    15) How can those people (maybe related somehow to the water elementals of nature) who were born with a nearly superhuman level of empathy, watery root chakra, and very refreshing, alluring and magnetic life-force auric and astral fields, can protect, shield, hide, themselves in their everyday life, from normal people of all genders who not knowing any better end up stalking them due to the "high fix" they get by being near them?

    b) What people of both physical genders who were born with the above "configurations", and especially with a rare both watery: root & sacral chakras, that have very unusual high sex drives and sexual impulses can do ? (besides their usual burning it off on sex, and other such activities)

    Ray: I know this problem from female friends which are so magnetic and watery and over sensitive that they are like sponges which attract all thought, emotions and bad energies from other people and their surroundings. This is very bad. The fire element needs to be developed to balance this too strong watery pole. Further on, the earth element needs to be strengthened to stabilize the personality and the whole microcosm. A strong, dense microcosm can no longer absorb all the various energies from people and surroundings. Here it can help already to wear bracelets made of (black tourmaline) crystals. They unfold a very nice densifying, grounding, strengthening, stabilizing and protecting effect on the person. Bracelets can be used at the ankles of the feet or / and at the hands. The crystals can be programmed to unfold a cleaning as well as strengthening and vitalizing effect. In general, the person needs to work on its element balance. More air, more fire and more earth element. If the person is polluted, then a bath with 1-2 kilos of sea salt is very useful for purification and vitalization.

    16) Some hints on what needs to be done for remote healings from afar, and condensing the energies as dense as possible at the patient to an astral level I'm assuming, so as to have good healing results?

    Ray: You can condense energies by normal accumulation breathing. It is already very good if you charge the patient with light several times, programming the light to support all healing processes. You can charge additionally with vital energy. Besides this, there are many possibilities to offer healing treatments.

    17) Related to Bardon's way of astral separation and travel, provided one has a very strong will-power to make the necessary effort and therefore succeeds everytime, are there any ways or practices, to make it more friendly and easier to the practitioner, or will just have to get used to the unpleasant feelings of the whole procedure and when reinhabiting the physical body upon return?

    Ray: You can support all traveling exercises with the use of Akasha or / and the air element. These energies help to make the bodies go loose. Then you can work easier with your will power or further techniques.

    18) Working with the letters and the planetary energies is completely exhausting particularly in the beginning. Particularly with akasha. Besides consistent training and adaptation, is there anything else to help offset, or recover faster?

    Ray: You can balance the work with higher energies by charging yourself from time to time with normal vital energy and also with the earth element which will strengthen your energy body and structure. We must make the energy body so strong that it can manage the higher tension of the powerful energies. Besides this, I just recommend discharging from time to time your training room.

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    Thank you for the interview and all the questions! 

    In love, light and service,

    Ray del Sole

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