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    Hello all. I wondered if I could ask any of you who enjoy our content and who have the financial means to consider supporting  us.

    Everything we put on SOFB  will always be free and public as we feel this kind of material should always be available  to all.

    But a little support does go a long way as it pays for hosting etc. Not only that but we we have far larger plans for SOFB interviews, downloads, courses etc which will be freely available if they are here on this site or very reasonable if we need to put host them elsewhere. But to get to these larger goals support is required. 

    If you would like to support us, you can do it here via our subscribestar page.

    The base level of support is $5.00 over at subscribestar, I will add other tiers to provide other training in line with and supportive of IIH if there is interest. 

    Thanks all.



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