Physical Training and Franz Bardons Hermetics

    Hello everyone it's Simon here with a post about physical training. I thought this was timely as many of our recent interviews have talked about the importance of strength and the training of the fascia.

    I mentioned in this earlier post how seemingly the same action can be performed with the joints or with the support or the fascia. This is simplistic as of course every action includes the fascia but it does not mean every action recruits the fascia as an aid to support the frame. 

    Now this might all sound like jargon let me explain. 

    IIH talks about balance. But I do not see much balance in the way physical body is developed compared to the Astral and Mental. Hence why I am always bringing up training methods that include or focus on the physical. Here I am not saying Bardon did not cover it, as he did, he told us to do exercises, I am saying the depth to which this training is taken is far less than that of the Astal and Mental aspects....why not be epic in each?

    As Bob and Yogic Engineering mentioned and alluded to in their interviews, physical strength has a direct relationship to vitality and vital force. So it makes sense to incorporate vital force with our strength training. It also makes sense to get in touch with, feel and decompress the fascia as it is the substance through which vital force runs through and the substance through which external force can...if trained... flow through to maintain our structure. 

    You need only look at the life of Alexander Zass to see the benefit of training fascia and the connective tissue. 

    Now I want to get some feedback. I am thinking of putting out a video series on tendon and fascia training. Methods taken from my training in various disciplines, how you link that to hermetics I will give some clues but as I am not a hermetics teacher I will stick to showing physical methods and let you find the rest. So if interested let me know in the comments. 

    Also another way of getting the benefit, though it seems commerical is via Primal Stress that I put on the 'Start Here' page. The whole program is plug and play allowing you to learn methods from Systema, Yoga, Bagua, Xingyi all inside of one program. You will see my review on the fron page as it really is good and teaches things it took years to get from traditional teachers. 

    Now above is one of my teachers performing some standard body methods from a well known Bagua/Xingyi lineage in Taiwan. Easy to copy...BUT... with no understanding of downward force into the ground, upward force into the Kwa (groin/hip space), no awarness of the opposing forces in the arms and through the back it all means very little and is nothing but a nice little dance. So the reason I keep harping on about getting this kind of training is that once you get it you can train with teachers of old systems and failrly quickly pick up what is going on inside the body. 

    When you add in a load on the frame - think partner or weights, add in vital force, you then start to buid quality rather than just quantity of vital force.  

    Disclaimer - I am no teacher of IIH so these are my musings as I travel the path. 

    To vote for a tendon and fascia course leave a comment. 

    To get Primal Stress go here

    Also you might want to check out the epic QnA that Sifu Mark Rasmus did for us. He mentions physical training in this amongst many other subjects.  He is also going to do us a Kettlebell video for use with fascia training. See his post here.

    I shall leave you with an interview with a teacher I met thanks to Alex Kozma. Master He is one of very few teachers I know of who not only has the inner skills but who is doing his upmost best to transmit them to his students. Listen and watch his moves, think about what we have talked about with fascia. 






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