Interview with Peer Ynt - A Journey through Initiation Into Hermetics

    A big thank you to Peer Ynt (not his real name) for agreeing to this interview and for being so thorough in his answers. I wanted to do this interview as though Peer has not fully completed Initiation into Hermetics (our normal requirement for interviews) he has infact almost completed the book and made many interesting observations on the journey. I include his links within the interview so you can see and follow his work. If you enjoy this interview then please do let us know in the comments and share the post if possible. 

    SOFB: Welcome. Firstly, could you provide a little background about your self and how you came to find the teachings of Franz Bardon.

    Hi. I’m Peer Ynt. Obviously, this is my pseudonym, chosen back in 2009 as an online alias. 2009 was the year I moved permanently to Great Britain from Latvia, and I thought I needed a name that people can pronounce and understand easier. Since then Peer has stuck, for better or worse, as my name, and I think the reference to the classic of Norwegian literature had been quite fitting.

    If we just stick to the facts, the first time I read (and not heard) about Franz Bardon was in Autumn 2016. Right now I don’t remember for what reason I subscribed to sacred-texts.com e-mail updates earlier that year, but those were ones that piqued my interest in Bardon’s Practice of Magical Evocation book. I can’t tell you right now what the pitch for it was in the Sacred Texts email, but all my practice of IIH started there. Even if at the beginning I was just reading Bardon’s second book, I realized soon enough that there was no way I could practice any of what’s in it, and be certain of the validity of outcomes, without going through the IIH.

    I think some other things should be mentioned here to put the above events in a proper context.

    The Sacred Texts email came right after I have experimented with a couple of rituals from some witchcraft website. That involved drawing a septagram using a green color. At the time I had no clue actually how powerful the analogies can be as nothing was explained in detail on that website. The results from rituals were not fully satisfying ones. Yet all that coincided with me experimenting in the field of photo manipulations. Now, here’s a link to a photomanipulation, which was the end result of those experiments at the time: See it here. The big white female figure you see there was something that appeared out of nowhere. Literally. The only thing I did after I realized I have that figure in my work was inverting color in the GIMP software. The whole picture looked a bit different at the beginning, but after I got that white figure there, I slightly changed the look of the pentagram, added two other models (originally there was only one of them there – the one that’s on the right) as well as a couple of effects. On a sidenote: first thought that may come to someone’s who knows symbolism and analogies mind, when reading about someone else drawing green septagrams, would be that it’s got something to do with wooing, sex or relationships, but the ritual was about something entirely different.

    I can understand if questions and skepticism arise about all this, but the only thing I will add to what I just wrote is that at the time I used to do photo manipulations with a meditation-like approach. As far as I’m concerned, that photo manipulation was a proper case of evocation without me realizing it. I wish I could sell it as an NFT, but I don’t know if it’s worth trying to get in touch with all the models, trying to somehow negotiate the royalties or whatever.

    While we are on the subject of graphic design; I created an AI generated artwork last November, which was inspired by Franz Bardon’s KTQ. It is available as NFT here.  Currently it’s minted on Polygon blockchain, but I can mint it on Ethereum via Rarible. If anyone is interested in that, feel free to get in touch.

    One other thing that should be mentioned here regarding my background: even though I went through a couple of initial simple mantra and meditation steps as far back as July 2009, I began a proper and intense practice of Kundalini Yoga, on and off, starting January 2015. If you search Bardon’s IIH file for Kundalini, you’ll realize he’s accepting it as a practice that’s actually in tune with the same universal laws his initiation system is. Which in my mind means that with a background like that, if you step into the initiation system outlined by Bardon, you may be able to understand and complete some things from, say, step IV involving Asanas, while something like Eucharist from Step I would be a novelty. So in short, I didn’t walk into Bardon’s system as utter n00b. I had also played around with some candle magick before, and studied some esoteric, new age and gnostic textual materials.

    SOFB: Where do you see yourself in the various steps of IIH?

    I don’t have an exact answer to this. I’m at the point where I have realized that the whole Step I is basically a permanent exercise to be done on regular basis. The rest that follows is something that, in one way or another, forms a part of regular practice, but the Step I is fundamental – without that you wouldn’t be able to successfully practice anything at all.

    Elements and Akasha nowadays come quite naturally to me. I think where I’m stuck at really is the Step VIII, and the so called Mental Wandering.

    SOFB: What have been the biggest challenges to you personally in your journey through IIH?

    I’ve always struggled with the step involving Mental Wandering. And not only that. It has been a long personal research into differences between what trance is, and what is Mental Wandering. And then there’s apparently also Astral Projection. To find some answers regarding all that, I have relied not only on meditation techniques of yoga, but I have worked with dreams extensively. The subject of dreams is something you won’t find in Bardon’s books. Looking from the point where I am with my understanding, my explanation for the absence of subject of dreams in Bardon’s works is that it is connected to the subject of consciousness, which starts with thought control techniques in Step I, and gets a lot more elaborate in Steps IV and V.

    Moreover, I am currently very interested in Trul Khor as well as Dream Yoga, where I see that the fundamental exercises are very similar to those of Step I of IIH regarding thought control, concentration and vacancy of mind (like, no thoughts at all), which tells me that one should be able to master dreams after completing Step I of IIH successfully. I have a bit of suspicion that once that state is achieved, the progress through IIH speed-wise would equal to Doge cryptocurrency mooning.

    My own ultimate goal though is to be able to reach the state of lucid dreaming consciously, at will, while being awake. I wonder if that would equal to Mental Wandering.

    SOFB: Many struggle with the early exercises, VOM, visualization, etc. What advice can you give to those struggling with these?

    Try to make it fun. Make it an adventure. Magick should be fun. Get a cheap, little crystal ball, or obsidian surface, or the surface of water, or just mirror of some kind; and use it as a tool to help you in sustaining the absence of thoughts. Meaning, instead of reminding yourself to just not think of anything, look at the aforementioned chosen object as if you were trying to see something in it without anything particular in mind. Even when you think you see some distinct shape, or shapes, just keep on not thinking, as if you’d have promised yourself that you’ll remain thoughtless for the whole 10 minutes no matter what. If something like this works for you, try the same thing without the object – you may meet the requirement of 10 thoughtless minutes sooner this way than just torturing yourself with zero excitement.

    Or meditate first, and perhaps look for inspiration that way to come up with some ideas of your own about how to make any of the exercises more fun.

    As mentioned before, I walked into Bardon’s system with experience of Kundalini yoga – vacancy of mind as well as focus on visualised object are amongst things you learn soon after starting KY exercises, therefore for me it was all more or less familiar territory already.

    SOFB: What have been the most significant parts of the training for you? Have any steps brought about big shifts in how you see the world, or has it been a gradual process?

    Regarding IIH specifically, I never imagined, nor comprehend the power of elements before going through the exercises regarding those in the book. Prior to that I knew of the elements only from old folk songs, but always thought that was just one way to express love for nature and life. Today I see the concept of elements very differently.

    In my mother tongue there is a term from times long gone, which can be translated roughly as “wording”, and would refer to any kind of spell with which an object, or a person would be magically influenced, or bound using words. After dealing with Bardon’s books I have acquired a different view on that phenomenon as well as spells in general.

    Also, before reading Bardon’s books I treated dreams somewhat different. Some experiments with PME and dreams resulted in me discovering things that helped me to better understand what dreams are, and what can be achieved.

    All in all, I discovered a lot of new and exciting information. I think it’s fair to say that it helped in expanding my world view considerably.

    SOFB: There are a few points in IIH that require a bit of a leap; one such example is the depth point. How significant is this step in the training and did you find this a challenge?

    I approached it from “all is one” perspective right from the beginning. I think if one is able to recognize the center of one’s own being then the placing of consciousness into a center of anything else becomes a lot more easier to achieve. There is a reason it is part of mental training – this requires mind that understands and comprehends the truth of “all is one”.

    What is, I think, not mentioned in steps dealing with what Bardon calls transplantation of consciousness, is that, same as a lot of other things, it can have certain undesired side effects. Impressions from the experience of any living being, for instance, can stick with you for a while either noticed or unnoticed. This can result in some difficulties in everyday life. One should make sure there are tested and working methods in place to avoid that kind of trouble.

    SOFB: Have you strictly adhered to the book's instructions, or have you added or removed exercises that you felt were unnecessary?

    My view is that every single exercise is there for a reason. What’s important is whether one can master it in accordance to how it’s outlined. I think that is the main, most important criterion. Any experiments one comes up with on their own might be helpful, but are not to be regarded as ones that fulfill the requirements outlined clearly in the book.

    SOFB: Have you approached this work with a preformed belief structure or have you approached it with a "wait and see" attitude?

    Definitely “wait and see” attitude. I have had enough bad experience with preconceptions earlier in my life to know that the key to knowledge and success is in recognizing circumstances and situations where open mind is required. By open mind here I mean the type of vacancy of mind devoid of any notion of knowing what is that one is dealing with. I think, sometimes we just don’t realize how much we have missed out on just by choosing the easy and familiar road of sticking to our preconceptions.

    SOFB: Now, after pursuing IIH for some time, what is your view of the work put forward by Franz Bardon? As you progress, has your perspective on these teachings changed?

    My perspective and understanding about IIH changed a while after I took interest in Bardon’s other books. I don’t think it is possible to fully describe the level at which IIH had been compiled and presented to the reader using intellect and language. I think there is something of the so called 4th dimension embedded in it as well as attached to it. I think if one is clairvoyant, one might be able to see what I mean.

    SOFB: Are there any other important points that you can share from your own journey?

    I used to smoke tobacco and cigarettes. I switched to vaping back in 2012, but I gave up nicotine for good only last year, and it was an effort which took me a good while. I must say that some of the exercises from IIH Step I helped me a great deal in achieving that. The thing about nicotine is that many times it certainly is helpful in sustaining positive mindset, which in turn helps with progress in any spiritual practice. One can achieve quite a lot while still having the nicotine addiction. But about two years ago I realized I had reached a certain point in my development where I had to decide – I stay with nicotine and give up trying to see what I can unlock in me potential-wise, or I give it up to be able to use more of my body. That really was about throughput energy-wise and physical limits. To anyone who is wondering if they should quit, and how it would, or wouldn’t affect their practice I can tell that it is not going to be easy. It may depend on how long one had been making their body dependent on nicotine, but it is not going to be easy. One thing that helps though is autosuggestion. Another one is the practice of elemental equilibrium – that does make a difference when it comes to cravings. Your practice will get affected, it will slow down as the body will need time to adjust to some new rules. But in the end it is going to be worth it. Perseverance and determination are keywords.

    What else?

    I once read on Tumblr a thread about what could possibly be the Pope’s effective blessing range. The idea was that it would make sense if the Pope just blessed the ocean, and everyone could use it as a holy water. Whoever started that thread, inspired me. There’s an unwritten story about how someone was talking to the ocean about helping to extinguish wildfire. The ocean gave the guy a spell of water magic, saying “Franz Bardon said “DIY”, mate – I won’t be doing your job.” The guy thanked the ocean, and did the spell as diligently as he possibly could. Clouds formed the next day, but with so little amount of water in them that it could have hardly be called a shower. Besides, as an unintended side effect, the clouds seemed to just move all over the place, except where the actual fire was, before simply dissolving. That was just a hopeless situation there. The guy’s just shattered. Then this woman appears out of nowhere. She looks pretty much like Jessica Rabbit, only that her glittery dress seems to be made of fish scales. “I heard you talking to the ocean before,” she says. “Wow, you are stunning! Who are you?” The guy looks at her awestruck, forgetting all the disaster with the spell before. “I’m mermaid. You just need to tweak that spell; not least by adding some words to it,” she replies. “Sure. Can I take a photo of you?” “Yeah. Where’s your camera?” The guy looks around confused, beginning to wander why he thought he had his camera at hand. Confusion grows. And grows. And... He wakes up from a dream. Turns out he’d fallen asleep before. “What a bunny!” The guy thinks as he remembers the dream. Next thing that happens, he becomes cognizant of the power necessary for the water spell. He doesn’t even know how that had happened. “There’s probably something I don’t remember from the dream,” he thinks. He does the spell, and two hours later dark heavy thunderstorm clouds form. Quarter of an hour after that air is filled with hail which looks like a storm of falling white tennis balls. The guy’s car is in shambles basically, with destroyed windshields, and repairs required to the roof, doors and the bonnet. “Amazeballs,” sarcastically says insurance agent on the phone after hearing about the disaster. The fire is contained though. The guy goes to the ocean again. “Look, this is some kind of water spell on steroids you’ve given me, “ he says. “I need some good old torrential rain.” “I guess you took too much liking to that mermaid – intense stuff, was it not? Same as that hailstorm.” Flashbacks of intense kissing and scenes of intimacy suddenly take place in the guy’s head, but it’s all incoherent and momentary. “That’s some semi-Freudian bulls*it,” he says with certain amazement in his face, “none of that was real.” “The intense feeling was real though,” the ocean smirks. “Yeah, those steroids might have been all me after all, overdoing something there,” the guy now is thoughtful. “Here, have this water,” the ocean says, giving him a water ladle with a strawberry red liquid in it. The guy’s stupefied, “what sort of Bloody Mary is that?” “It’s just red water prepared by me following an ancient method. There’s that intense energy of creation in it; it’s gonna stay with you for good.” “Will I turn invisible?” The ocean laughs. The guy drinks. During the following 2 weeks three tropical cyclones are doing their thing all over the place. After that wildfires are gone. The guy goes to the ocean again. “Have a drink, we are celebrating,” he says as he pours an amber bitter in the water from his cup. “That, my friend, tastes like real love,” the ocean says. “I am creation, I am love,” sings the guy loudly and powerfully, and pours another cup of bitter in the ocean. “I see all the earth turning into a heart emoji of deep pink. I am creation, I am love!” The loud, spontaneous singing continues. Since then the rain clouds that form above the ocean keep raining little pink heart emojis. The emojis can’t be seen with a human eye though – the rain always looks as if it was just the good, old, familiar rainy rain. But in those raindrops there are a lot of little pink heart emojis. Be careful what you pour in the ocean; you, and everyone else may as well get it.

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