We felt the time had come to transition from social media towards a home of our own. A place where the information can be utlised without the need to be a member of specific social media platforms. We do hope you enjoy and find useful all that we produce here.


The SOFB project is born out of a desire to build a repository of all things Franz Bardon, we thought long and hard before creating this website and want to be clear that we are doing this as students of the path not as guides or claiming any kind of authority, in fact we deliberately shy away from such things as organised groups and hierarchies. 

Ultimately our goal is to share with you all our discoveries directly and indirectly related to Franz Bardon and his first title ‘Initiation Into Hermetics', we wish for of us all to work together as a loose collective in progressing through Franz Bardon's works in a timely manner.

Who are we?


You will see more of us in the future in videos and podcasts. But many of you will know us from the Facebook Group - Students of Franz Bardon, that was the predecessor of this website. We are Simon and Tanya Robinson (Falcon Books Publishing).


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